Leaves & Pine Cones?

My husband is currently on the road. He left last night (Weds) with his band, Out of Hiding, to play in upstate NY and won’t get back home until tomorrow night. Actually, he just texted me what he ate for dinner tonight a few minutes ago: a tuna sandwich, ham (slices, I am assuming?) and 4 chocolate chip cookies. Oh life on the road.

Soooo, what am I doing with myself? Blogging, of course.

More specifically, I am blogging in the guest room in my parents’ house. They invited me to spend the night so I wouldn’t have to be all alone. They’re so sweet…and most likely in their glory that one of their children is back home under their roof for the night!

Naturally, I took over their kitchen to make a delicious dinner, and let’s be clear that it did not include a can of tuna, mayo, any sort of pig product, or chocolate chip cookies. I could go for some chocolate right now though. (P.s. chocolate is vegan. Companies, like Hershey’s for instance, add milk fat to it which then makes it not vegan. Check labels.)

My parents are incredibly accommodating to my eating choices when I come over, and have even become more conscious of changing their eating habits…but that doesn’t mean my dad doesn’t take every opportunity he can to lovingly tease me. The running joke the he continues to perpetuate is that since I’m coming over for dinner all he has to do is go out back and gather some leaves and pine cones for me to eat. He’s just a regular comedian. :)

Well, tonight I proved to him that, heck no, I do not eat leaves and pine cones. Just because food is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s skimped on flavor, or enjoyable tasty deliciousness, or anything really! I hijacked the kitchen and got to work making Red Curry Soup with Rice & Purple Kale, recipe by Isa Chandra at The Post Punk Kitchen (www.theppk.com), one of my favorite sites for vegan recipes. This recipe is super easy, has few ingredients, does not take long to prepare, and yet its soooooo flavorful and absolutely delightful to the taste buds. Major win.

You can check out the recipe here.

The sweet aroma of curry spices, garlic and ginger bathing in a creamy coconut milk broth filled the kitchen. I seriously adore Indian food. Some of my parents’ friends were over and they kept commenting on how great it smelled and looked. One even asked if she could take some home because it just smelled so good she had to try it! AND one of our friends who never tried curry before, and claims to not eat sweet potatoes (I could not imagine this), tried it and liked it. Woohoo!

Best of all, is that this soup got the taste test certified approval of my creative culinary master of a dad. He loved it. The bar has been raised… gathering twigs from the back yard…not even close. I don’t think I will be hearing that wise crack anymore. Let’s hope. :)

Now, I am looking forward to the return of my hubby tomorrow night. Luckily for him, there is plenty left over of this home-sweet-home cooked meal waiting for him to enjoy…if I can resist the urge to eat it all!

Have you tried any new recipes that you’ve loved lately???

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7 thoughts on “Leaves & Pine Cones?

  1. yes we were in our glory you stayed here for the night, and your red curry soup was excellent! your passion for cooking is awesome, just like your dad :) you can come over and cook anytime!
    love, mom

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